Lock incremental achievements using Admin Portal

Hey! I was wondering if there’s a way to manually lock incremental user achievements.

I am testing with achievements and statistics and there are some of them which I created with debug purposes and I do not need anymore, however, even if I remove (through the admin portal) the PublicAchievement associated to the unlocked UserAchievement, I’m not able to remove or lock the UserAchievement itself. It complains about the missing achievement code but the UserAchievement remains on the list.

Even if I change the PublicAchievement’s goal value or the associated stat value using the admin portal, in order to not match the achievement’s requirements, the UserAchievement will keep on the list unlocked. There’s something I can do?


Hello @jfezz

Thanks for your feedback. We are currently checking if there is a way to completely remove an achievement once it has been created.

Will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Great thank you Ivan! Looking forward to hearing back from you.


Hey @jfezz

What you are experiencing right now is our default behavior: when deleting the Achievement configuration, it will not remove the progress from the user both in-progress and unlocked.

It could be the case where you want to delete an achievement (so new players can’t get it), but allow legacy players to keep it.

Right now we are in conversations with the internal team about exposing a function that allows to remove the achievement and also delete all user achievements.

We also have this EndPoint in case you want to experiment with it.