Rewards system is not triggering entitlements

Hey! Sadly, I’m having issues granting an entitlement to the player when an achievement is unlocked.
My workflow is:

  1. Achievement (ach code “test-8”) is created and linked to an existing statistic
  2. Item is created on the store and published
  3. Reward is created with the condition: $.[?(@.status == 2 && @.achievementCode == "test-8")] granting the aforementioned item via its SKU
  4. Statistic is modified manually on the Admin Portal in order to meet the achievement requirements
  5. The achievement appears as unlocked on Achievements Value tab
  6. Reward item is not granted since it doesn’t appear on the User Entitlements tab

So I don’t really know if I’m missing something, could you help me?


Hi @jfezz,

To trigger the reward related to the Achievement, there are some fields that we should ensure are correct:

  • Event type: Achievement
  • Event name: For achievements, we support userAchievementUnlocked and achievementRewardClaimed. Please refer to our documentation here. If this is not a global achievement, you should use userAchievementUnlocked.
  • Condition: Based on the data provided, it appears correct. Just ensure that the achievement code exists.

Please verify that your configuration aligns with these guidelines. Below is an example for your reference:


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Hey @tmubarok thank you very much for your answer!

Indeed, you are right, I was not using Event Name correctly and that was the reason I wasn’t able to trigger any reward. Now it works like a charm! Thanks again!