Achievement notifications?

I think the answer is no but wanted to double check, there’s no way to get Achievement related notifications sent down the Lobby service real-time connection is there? If not, our plan is to have the client fetch the latest state of achievements prior to going into a match and then re-fetching them post match and diffing to see what if anything has changed and notify the user of newly completed achievements at that time. Does that sound reasonable? Do you have other suggestions as to how we might implement something like this?


HI @njupshot ,

Yes, unfortunately we don’t support sending a lobby notification when a user unlocks an achievement. I think your plan of implementation should work.

We do have a suggestion, but it requires you to use our Add-on solution, which is the Extend feature. The general idea is that you could use the Extend Event Handler to listen to the user achievement update event and then add custom logic there, such as sending notifications through the lobby.


Thank you for the quick turn around @tmubarok . I wanted to get clarification on one more thing, do achievements not integrate with any other service that would allow the auto-granting of awards associated with an achievement in a server-authoritative manner? If not, how would we do this? I can only think of 2 options:

  1. The dedicated server would have to know about each user’s achievements and the awarding at the time the achievement is unlocked.
  2. The client would need to hit an extend endpoint that would then take care of reconciling all unawarded achievements.

…after posting this a colleague mentioned potentially using Extend Events here?

Interested to hear your thoughts.


@njupshot We do have Reward service. Please check out our documentation here: Integrating rewards with supported events | AccelByte Documentation