Error Removing active sessions from admin portal

After testing constantly with the matchmaking the sessions this service generates cannot be deleted from the administration portal. In the Game Managment Section and Sessions and Parties subsection there is an option to remove the active sessions but it always fails.

Since we have a limit of active sessions this limits our test capabilities. Is there a way to remove active sessions or diminish its lifetime in order to create sessions more often?

Since my game is on development I have not yet created a mechanism that removes the session from client but I didn’t see an answer in this post as well.

I attach the next image as reference:

Hello @eseguraSNG

This is related to this thread too ( )

I’ts important that you end the session correctly from the game client when you have finished your game match. We have also implemented some systems to avoid “ghost” sessions that should kill them after a certain period of time.

Let us know if this issue is still happening.