Leaderboard Snapshots and Weekend Leaderboard Events

My team is working with the leaderboard functionality on accelbyte and seeing how snapshots work. Our goal is to create Leaderboards for specific time frames like a weekend (3 days), but it seems like using Seasons for that is not allowed as it says it needs at least a 32 day season. Taking the snapshots also seemingly does not work. Another question I’d like to figure out is if it is possible to recover deleted Leaderboards in the admin portal?

In this picture below you can see that we don’t get the check box to snapshot the leaderboard before deleting.

Hello @jeron

I’m currently taking a look at this, will get back to you asap.


Hello again @jeron


Can we configure Leaderboards to be for 3 days only?

In Leaderboard v1 (current leaderboard) we don’t currently support this, but we are introducing Leaderboard v2 which will be released in AGS v3.48. In Leaderboard v2, the user could create a custom seasonal cycle and set it to 3 days per cycle.

Stay tuned for the AGS Starter update so you can make use of this new feature.

Can we recover deleted Leaderboards?

At this moment you cannot recover deleted leaderboards. It’s important to note that deleting or archiving (take snapshot), will only soft-delete the configuration and you could not re-use the same leaderboard code(ID). To be able to re-use the same Leaderboard code, you need to hard-delete the leaderboard using API.

Can we manually create a Snapshot of a leaderboard at any given time?

Taking a snapshot means archiving the Leaderboard and it will also delete the configuration. So, it is only a one-time action when you are sure that you will not use the leaderboard again and you need to archive the top 1000 user rank from that leaderboard.

Please let me know if this answer your questions or you need any further assistance.


Hello @jeron

Also letting you know that the issue where you don’t get the checkbox to snapshot a Leaderboard before deleting it has been fixed and fix will be released in version 3.48, which should be ready in the next couple of weeks.

Again, thanks for your feedback.