"Ghost" Game Sessions

When two users enter the matchmaking queue they successfully get matched and can play their game. When they are matched I can see a game session in the admin panel with both user’s parties. Once their game is completed and one or both players queue into matchmaking again, the previous session remains viewable in the admin panel with only one of the two users (never both) still in that session. (Attached is a screenshot of these post-game one-man ghost sessions) If I run AccelBytePlugin.GetSession().GetUserGameSessions for the user that is displayed as being stuck in these sessions it returns no session as if they are not actually in any of these sessions.

Is this intentional? If not, how can I clear these sessions from my admin panel? Am I supposed to perform some action when a matchmaking match is found to prevent this?

Hello @ReRezd

Thanks for reaching out to us and apologies for the delay.

We would like to have a bit more information about your implementation. When you finish a game, how do you deal with the end of the match/session? Do you do any specific calls to notify match end and close it, or just leave that game and queue for the next match?

or just leave that game and queue for the next match

You hit the nail on the head @Ivan_Martinez, I didn’t notice any end-of-matchmaking code examples listed in the documentation which I thought was a bit odd, and rummaging through the Unity SDK code nothing immediately stuck out so I figured that was just how it functioned.

However, stewing on it for a few days and reading the matchmaking docs several times over I assume that I need to leave the game session after the match, which I was not doing. But if I am correct in this assumption, that makes me question why, as I mentioned in my original post, running AccelBytePlugin.GetSession().GetUserGameSessions on the client with the ID ending in 5fc results in no session being returned as well as one of the two users leaving the session consistently while the other is stuck.

Hello @ReRezd

We are going to take a look at this and check the behavior of GetUserGameSessions.

Will get back to you as soon as we have more information. Thanks again for your feedback and information.

Hey @Ivan_Martinez
I’ve played around with matchmaking and sessions a bit and have both users successfully leaving after their match completes. One thing I am noticing is that the session remains viewable with no users in the session admin panel page even if I have the session leader calls the delete session function.
Is the admin panel supposed to show a history of sessions or only active sessions? If it’s not supposed to be a history view would it be possible to have the game session automatically delete itself when all users leave the session?

Hello @ReRezd (bumping this old thread).

Happy to see that you could fix the issue.

About the sessions in the Admin Panel, you have both history sessions and active/recent sessions. Sessions in the active/recent tab should be automatically deleted after a few minutes (it’s not instant) when they finish.