Tips to do a country based leaderboard?

we don’t see an easy way to generate ‘country’ based leaderboard from the General leaderboard. It looks like we would have to access each user to retrieve their country. How would you recommend approaching this feature?

Would you create a ‘mirror’ leaderboard for each country where all players from that country would duplicate send their points (ie duplicate action from sending their points to the General leaderboard)?
Would you maintain a group per country and then filter the General by presence in the group?

Hello @Ploulack

Both options should work, but having a separate Leaderboard per country code generally recommended as it makes things more simple and organised.

Everytime a user submits a new score, it should submit it to the General Leaderboard as well as the Country specific Leaderboard.

If you only use one generic leaderboard, you should have to use paging to browse and filter every time (max. 100 users per query), making it more complex and generating more API calls.

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