Player stats & rewards

Hey everyone,

Is it possible to edit a players stats directly through the webinterface? I was playing around with the Gaming Services Starter interface and managed to create a stat and a player but I couldn’t figure out how to assign a value directly of that stat to a specific player. It seems like the webinterface is read-only for stats unless I overlooked something.

Another question would be if it’s possible to do player rewards retro-active (e.g. send out rewards to all existing players or all players that logged in the past X weeks or anything like that.). From what I saw the player rewards are mostly designed to fulfill entitlements when a certain condition is triggered actively (e.g. account created, achievement unlocked or stat reaching certain value)

Hello aagdev,

Ye you can update the Statistics of a player from the Admin portal, just go to Game Management>Statistics>Statistics Value


There you will see a place to search by UserID and edit the value of any player statistic.

As for the retro-active rewards, I don’t think we support that feature out of the box currently. You would need to do some kind of external script or tool that using the API grants the rewards to specific players.

Hope this informations helps!

Thanks for the response. I’ve created an example stat “xp” previously:

However I’ve checked the Statistics Value page but didn’t find any way to add the stat to the player:

After looking up a player it just shows “No data to display” under stats.

When I try to search by Stat Code it also doesn’t allow me to add players to it:

Is it only possible to edit/add stats that can be set by client?

You can for sure modify a statistic that a player already has registered, but I don’t think you can add/register a new statistics to a player from the admin panel. You will probably need use our API calls or SDK directly for that.