AccelByte Multiplayer Servers with C# SDK


Is it currently only possible to integrate dedicated servers just with the Unity or Unreal Game SDK?

I’ve read this documentation (Integrate dedicated servers with the SDK): Integrate dedicated servers with the SDK | AccelByte Documentation
which mentions: “Install and configure the AccelByte Game SDK for your project. The AccelByte Game SDK is available on both Unreal Engine and Unity” as prerequisite. I saw that there’s also an extended C# SDK but it doesn’t seem to include the necessary API calls to init the dedicated game servers.

Is there any way to integrate multiplayer servers with a native C# SDK without using Unity?

Hello aagdev,

Usually both Game Client and Server Client use the same GameSDK, although the set of functions used will be different in both clients.

That “AccelByte Server SDK” naming in the documentation is missleading, I just contacted the Documentation team to clarify that better.

I assume that you are asking about a standalone server SDK to have a lightweight server. If that’s the case, you can create a “headless” built with Unity, making the server as lightweight as possible.

If you search for “Unity Headless build” there are many references in the internet about how to do that.

Hope this information is useful.