WebGL Builds Failing

Hello! I’m posting on this forum to let y’all know of some issues with the Accelbyte API when we were trying to make builds to WebGL. Our team is blocked for the following reason:

Firstly, when making a build, there were lots of compiler errors (Screenshots sent below). I ended up fixing the compiler errors on a fork, which allowed us to make a build, however, when I tried playing the build, the changes that I made to try to quickly fix up Accelbyte for WebGL failed and resulted in us failing to connect to log-in. Our team can’t move forward until we get these WebGL Accelbyte issues resolved.

We urgently need a solution to make a WebGL build within the next few days. Any help would be music appreciated!

Github Link to Fork: https://github.com/Test-Jar-Labs/accelbyte-unity-sdk

  • Justin