Accelbyte Not Working on iOS

Hello! It looks like Accelbyte isn’t working on iOS when running on my iPhoneXR. I made a fork of the Accelbyte project and ran the iOS debugger on my phone to see what were the issues and found that the Newtonsoft JSON library was throwing errors about a default constructor. Because of this, I made some additional edits to the project and it seems that whenever iL2CPP is enabled with byte code stripping, it removes some code that is unused within the project, including the default constructors of the classes that were defined in Accelbyte. I ended up fixing this on my fork of the project.

However, once I got that working I ran into more issues with Accelbyte and the Newtonsoft JSON library. Because of this, I debugged through the issues and found that JSON deserialization didn’t work for the data received when logging in. Because of all of these issues, I wanted to submit a request. I narrowed down the line of code that is messing up login on iOS and sent a screenshot.

Here is also the fork of the project that I was working on to fix some of the errors:

Thanks for your time and hope I hear from the team soon!

  • Justin

Hi Justin,

Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. I believe we are currently in the middle of a refactor and review of our dependencies for the Unity SDK. We’ll be sure to pass this to the team!