Seeking Guidance on iOs/Googleplay Subscription Verification and Official Content Access in AccelByte


I’m currently working on a project where I previously utilized BrainCloud for a Udemy-like app. In this app, users with active iOS/Google Play subscriptions could enroll in courses, and I handled subscription verification server-side.

Server-side scripting is not available in the AccelByte Starter edition. So, I’m seeking guidance on how to handle subscription verification and unlock official UGC content in AccelByte. Specifically, I’d like to understand the available options and steps involved in this process.

Additionally, I have a few questions regarding subscriptions in AccelByte:

  1. I noticed that subscriptions are only available at the publisher level, not at the game level. How can I effectively implement subscriptions for my iOS and Android app?

  2. How can I manage multiple official skins as official UGC, ensuring they are accessible only to “active” subscribers and become locked once a subscription is inactive (due to refund or expiration)?

I would appreciate any insights, tips, or high-level steps you could provide to help me navigate these challenges effectively.

Thank you in advance for your support!