User list and more info


Is there any way I can find the complete list of users or at least the total number of users?
And, if I want to find the last login time of the user, do I need to build it with Custom Attribute by myself?

Hello @chong_chamogames

About listing all users, I don’t think that’s possible right now. You can search users by e-mail, ID, platform and more. Using querys that are frequently used and target ALL users is something that needs to be done carefully (or avoid it when possible), as it can be very heavy for the service/database.

If you go to Users>Logs you can see the userLoggedIn event, with a date.

Could you elaborate a bit more on what are you trying to do with the loggin date? Do you want to access to that information through the API, or through the Admin Portal is enough?

Regarding the full list, I wanted to check the whole number of users and just list them down (maybe page by page). But I understand it is a very heavy operation. If I can make a query like LIMIT=50 and show up the latest 50 users, then it is okay for me at this moment.
I’ll try out queries for this.

For the logs, I was thinking of a list of logs so I can find out when the user logged in / out and again. Not only the latest logged-in. I imagine how to use this website and services to build the live service support tools, such as the player admin tool, that the tools to inspect player data, update some information and so on.


It looks like the admin portal menu changed, and I can no longer find Users menu.
I can see Lookup Users under Live Service Utilities, but when I tried to type in the user’s email, it didn’t show up as before.
Where can I find Users>Logs again?

Have you tried Admin Tasks in the Studio Namespace?