Starter Pricing Question

Hi there,

Imagine i launch 50 games in a year and each game has 1k active users, which i believe will be free.
However when i launch 51th game, and I get 1k additional users so what will be pricing then?

Will i be paying 4500$/month as well as pay for additional users.
Or only for additional users which hopefully will be way less than monthly price.

Please provide answer based on above usecase assumption.


Hello Shafi,

While you are in Starter, there is no monthly fee. The $4500/month only applies if you upgrade to the Standard Tier, which offers technical support, single-tenant environment and other benefits.

As for the pricing, you have 50k HAU (Hourly Active Users) for free every month. If at some point you reach 51k HAU, you would only be charged for that extra 1k HAU that month. Same if you reach 65k HAU, you would only pay for 15k HAU.

The free 50k HAU per month is permanent.

Hope this answers your questions.

Could you share how much extra ill pay for that extra 1k?
(and just to be sure i could have 50 project and they will remain free as long as total active users per hour are less than 50k

if you scroll to the bottom in the Pricing page ( ) you will see a HAU pricing.

It has different “ranges”, so the more HAU the cheaper it gets.

First range is $0.0065 per HAU

I read the pricing after 50k and it is quite promising however i also noticed this statement, what does it mean?
do i have to pay $2.499 x 51 apps?

“$2,499 minimum per premium production environment”

No you won’t have to pay that. That does not affect to Starter tier