Invalid issuer claim when login with Epic Online Services using OIDC (epicconnect)


I’m trying to login with EOS Connect interface. It’s a cross platform account as opposed to Epic Games account that requires use of their launcher. I tried this function:

Trying to use Connect token with Accelbyte’s Epic Games integration gives an error:
invalid_request: the user's token is not valid, user: , error: no key found to verify the token

Instead of using integration I’ve tried it as OIDC login provider but it fails with:
invalid_request: invalid token: square/go-jose/jwt: validation failed, invalid issuer claim (iss).

Epic docs mention only that the issuer I guess that doesn’t work as full issuer is different and validation fails.

So what’s the correct iss value for epicconnect?

The correct iss value would be

But you can always decode your epic jwt token. The easiest way is using tool like, and paste your token there. You can see the iss in the payload data