Configuration Migration Failing

We’re using Extend starter and are attempting to migrate one namespace to another in order to quicky setup a new environment. The migration is failing:

I removed IAM from the services to export and was able to get farther, but then ran into more issues.

…downloading of the snapshots always fails regardless…

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out.

Regarding the duplicate IAM client error messages, it appears that you have IAM clients with identical Client Names. We utilize the Client Name as a unique identifier to assess any discrepancies, new additions, or modifications within the IAM clients during the Diffing step. If you intend to utilize both IAM clients, I recommend renaming one of them before attempting migration once more.

As for the other errors you’ve encountered, could you please provide additional details such as the namespace being used as the source and target? This information will assist us in conducting a more thorough investigation.

Looking forward to your response.