How to manually attach data to a user?


I want to manually attach data to a user account from the gaming services portal to grant the user permission to play the game or not.
How would you implement that ? I tried custom attributes but there is no way to prevent the user from modifying them himself.


Hello @frouty

I think you are talking about the ban feature.

You can ban/unban users to prevent them from login and using Accelbyte services.

Take a look at this link and let us know if this is what you were looking for: User Bans | Learn more about our services and how to integrate them into your game. | AccelByte Documentation

Hey Ivan,
I think my question was not precise enough, let me give you more details.
I want to organize a closed beta, new players can log into the game using their steam account but should not be allowed to play until they are whitelisted manually. When the closed beta is finished, I can revoke their access to the game by removing them from whitelist.
I also need to flag specific users(me) to give them admin rights and allow them to manage the gameplay sessions. (create a game, kick players, etc).
How would you do that in accelbyte ?
Thanks for your time.

Hi @frouty I believe the simplest way to achieve gated access would be using entitlements.
You could create an entitlement and grant it only to specific players, your game would check for the entitlement to allow the player to enter the game.
You can read more about entitlements here

As for Managing Gameplay Sessions, is this in game, or through the Admin Portal?