SDK or API call returns Subdomain Mismatch error

SDK or API calls return an error with the error message: “Subdomain mismatch”. This happens due to a mismatch between namespace and baseURL.

  1. Please check BaseUrl, ClientId and Namespace in your DefaultEngine.ini (for UE) or AccelByteSDKConfig.json (for Unity).
  2. Make sure the namespace’s value is the correct Title ID.
  3. You can check your Title ID by following this step
  4. Open the admin portal landing page.

  1. Click the Cog icon in the Game Title you wish.

  1. You can find the Title ID on the page

  1. Make sure the BaseURL follows this pattern <titleID> Example:
  2. Make sure the clientID belongs to the correct game title
  3. You can check it by going to the Oauth Clients menu and make sure that you select the correct namespace